We Buy Jewelry, Gold Coins, Old Coins and Rolex Watches
Estate Liquidators - Turns Your Contents into Cash
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WE PAY CASH ON THE SPOT for any type of costume jewelry, gold rings, Rolex watches, class rings, platinum, silver utensils, gold watches, dental gold, real necklaces, coins in necklaces, brooches, bracelets or pre 1964 silver or large coins. PRICE PAID based on costume jewelry age, condition, materials content, size, current market and auction value, collectibility factor and overall quantity.

See photos on this page as a sample of what we buy.   If it is gold or silver real or fake we will buy it ALL.   318-608-6557

We also specialize in and buy ROLEX watches (or any high end watch with saphire crystal)


There are many things to look for but the
NUMBER ONE thing is how many ticks between each second mark. The smooth fluid flowing second hand is what sets Rolex apart from other watches but its not actually flowing it just makes 6 rapid ticks between each second mark that makes it appear to be flowing smoothly. Get a magnifying glass or loop and count the ticks if it is 4 or less you have a FAKE. 6 or more REAL.

You can also tell a high end Rolex or any high end watch if it passes the water bead test. If you drop a bead of water on a Saphhire crystal watch lens it will bead up into almost a perfect sphere whereas cheaper watch faces the droplet will pancake out. The wider the dropplet spreads out the cheaper the watch.

Gary Couch is your purchase agent and appraiser with Estate Liquidators  318-608-6557

Did you know GOLD is made in super massive suns at the moment of their imploding death? Our sun can only create IRON it is not large enough to create pressure and heat required to create precious metals, only a sun many times larger than our sun can create such intense pressure and heat (trillions of degrees) to make precious metals.

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Got a large estate with contents needing sold? Additional Services include onsite appraisal, packing, shipping, advertising, setup and sale at our liquidation warehouse with NO UPFRONT COST TO YOU
antique globe for sale We specialize in BULK purchases and entire estate buyouts.  Cash paid for all contents in your home or business and everything hauled off today. We also buy storage unit and garage items. Most houses are cleared out in one day including shed, garage and all contents.

West Monroe Louisiana  318-608-6557
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WHY CHOOSE OUR COMPANY OVER AN AUCTION OR ESTATE SALE? Auctions generally get you a fraction of what estate sales will get you and estate sales only have a couple days to make a sale before they slash prices 75%. We display your high end pieces in our high traffic facility up to 3 weeks before we do a 75% mark down. Most pieces sell within 7 days and buyers enjoy a stress free browsing experience. 

Need a large business or pallet loads of merchandise liquidated?
Cash offers made on the spot and we handle all shipping in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. 
Got Items to Sell? CALL 318-608-6557 


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