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Auctions held Tue and Fri at 6:30 PM  ---  West Monroe Louisiana
antique lamp for sale We specialize in BULK purchases and entire estate buyouts.  Cash paid for all contents in your home or business and everything hauled off today. We also buy storage unit and garage items. Most houses are cleared out in one day including shed, garage and all contents.
318-608-6557 call for free consulation and appraisals
antique tools for sale Got a large estate with contents needing sold? Additional Services include onsite appraisal, packing, shipping, advertising, setup and auction at our liquidation warehouse with NO UPFRONT COST TO YOU Everything sells night of auction or we can provide ONSITE auction.
old planer for sale Got a ranch or farm? We will make cash offers on various items around property especially old rusty items you might have thought was worthless and YES, we will even haul off junk scrap iron.
antique globe for sale Come browse the AUCTION warehouse
Mon-Fri 10am-4pm 
2025 Old Natchitoches Road.
West Monroe Louisiana J.L. Kane Auctioneer LA LIC #1857  
WHAT SETS US APART FROM THE REST?  We do it because we love it!  Talking antiques, giving appraisals and explaining to heirs the historical significance about items they have inherited is extremely gratifying. We give honest appraisal of what profit you can expect to make based on auction, market and craigslist rates.   While we strive to make every dollar possible for our customers our personal motivation is not money, but rather the preservation of antiques and unique items by getting them into the hands of collectors who will continue to care for them so these items can be enjoyed another 100 years from now.

WHAT ELSE CAN YOU EXPECT FROM US?  If we believe something holds special historical significance to the family we will give you that history in the hopes someone within the family will want to keep it for their future generations. Even our moving crew is comprised of an antique and trench art specialist, an old radio and tubes specialist and a rare books specialist.  From start to finish, your antiques and merchandise are handled by folks who love what they are doing and know what they are handling.
Estate Liquidators is your first contact to handle appraisals, negotiations and buyouts. They also handle the packing, shipping, setup at auction and additional advertising.
1st Choice Auction is the final step where items are sold. Various payment methods are available and paid by Estate Liquidators after sale.

Please note, Estate Liquidators and 1st Choice Auction are seperate companies working with each other on a subcontractor basis.  Upon first contact all customers are given an extensive reference list of past customers who are extremely pleased with both the packing/hauling aspect and with our auction services.

While we do offer buyouts and estate sales we explain to all our customers they can make the most money possible by going the auction route. We have over 2200 registered bidders and 20 store owners who use our service to fill their stores and bidding wars are quite frequent which means more money for our customers.

WHY CHOOSE AN AUCTION OVER AN ESTATE SALE? A warehouse full of people bidding against the same item usually drives it closest to market value and often beyond. Some may argue putting a price tag on it at an estate sale will guarantee it sells for that price. However, it can also be argued that the price tag LIMITS what it will sell for whereas at an auction it can go as high as two people are willing to pay to win it. This is especially true with heirlooms where people at the auction know this might be the last chance they have to buy such an item.
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Auctions are every Tuesday and Friday starting at 6:30pm
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 we buy Old Metal Iron Steel Cooking Pots
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